Sea Fever Sportfishing Whitsundays

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Sea Fever Sportfishing Whitsundays

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Sea Fever is one of the top sportfishing operations in the Whitsundays. They run trips to the Outer Great Barrier Reef (which is the subject of our evaluation today), targeting reef species, various pelagic species, and at times of the year billfish such as black marlin or sailfish. The Outer Great Barrier reef is one of the those special places that every fisherman should have on their bucket list to fish. There are areas where the edge of the reef drops from 5 meters straight down to over 50-60 meters, aside from the fishing being exciting here, it is amazing to see.

The Fishing
To start with we fished around hook reef for various reef fishing especially looking for Coral Trout and Red Throat Emperor. We caught a number of both coral trout and emperors amongst some other reef species. The skipper moved around from bommie to bommie in our quest for Coral Trout, if there was nothing happening within a fairly short period of time it was off to the next bommie.

We then drifted some gravel areas for some red emperor however despite our best attempts they did not show themselves but the guests had a great time hauling in various other species including the protected Chinaman Fish and Trevally.

Later in the afternoon we went trolling for some Spanish Mackerel, the day before they caught half a dozen really nice ones however we didn't manage to find them on our afternoon.

The Location
The fishing in the Whitsundays can be awesome but no matter what happens with the fishing you see some beautiful county. As you leave the port you travel through the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and then out to the outer great barrier reef. Out of the reef there is some beautiful water and at times you are trolling between some lovely looking reefs. On the way home a pod of 6-8 whales surfaced not far from the boat which was an unexpected but welcome distraction.

Fishing Gear
Sea Fever supply high quality shimano saragosa spinning reels with 50lb braid for reef fishing. These reels work beautifully matched with wilson live fibres and can certainly handle nearly anything the reef can through at you. Trolling is done with the ever reliable TLD25's loaded with 15kg.

The lodging
This was a day trip so there was no lodging included with this charter. However there is a heap of great places to stay in Airlie Beach which is only 15 minutes away from Shutte Harbour from where the boat departs.

The Boat
The game fishing boat 'Reel Work' is a custom game fishing boat which is a pleasure to fish out of. It has toilet, hot shower and for those staying overnight, bunks for 4 guests plus 2 crew. Comfortable to get to the fishing spot and great to fish out of - cant ask for much more.

The Food
Lunch was supplied and a nice selection of salad, meats and rolls. Plenty of soft drink and tea coffee available. There is a place in Airlie Beach called Fish Divine that will cook up your fish for you, you just drop them off and they prepare them in whatever style you like. You must try their curried fish - it is just divine!

The Price Includes
Sea Fever's price includes the charter, all gear is supplied, lunch morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea. The only thing you need to bring is good hat, sunscreen, and any alcohol.

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Contact Details

0427 524 975
0427 524 975
P.O. Box 356
Airlie Beach
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