Mates of My Fishing Place

Running a fishing show you run into a lot of people who are more than guides, sponsors or partners - they become good mates!

Since My Fishing Place began, we have had the privilege of running into a lot of great people and have had a lot of cracking times. Here's just a few of the legends we have met along the way who help make every fishing trip an adventure!

David Brace

Big Red met 'Bracey' a few months ago on Baroon Pocket Dam and soon intorduced him to the rest of the lads, and soon after that they were off chasing Bass, Barra and more in various locations across SE QLD. Bracey is just a huge fishing and environment advocate, and has been part of the whole scene for many years now. He is passionate, full of life, loves to have a great laugh and also dislikes unsecured gas bottles!

My fishing place with David Brace

John Cambell

JC, owner operator of JC's Guided Sportfishing is a tru blue Aussie who know fish and fishing like the back of his hand! Operating as a fishing guide ofr many years, its not just his knowledge of fishing that makes him an ideal fishing companion, but he's just an all round great guy who will do anything for his mates to make their fishing adventures awesome!

My fishing place with John Cambell

Duane Trouchet

Big Duane from DNA Barra Fishing has been getting the MFP boys onto big barra for many years, and even though Dazza's knots have seen some of Duanes best lures sink to the bottom of the Mini Mini system, Duane keeps inviting the boys back for more! Suspicions are that Duane is trying to learn Big Red's secrets on how to catch the big barra, but Big Red always keeps his secrets under wraps pretending he not that good at fishing, and has a lot of people fooled! Duane is a one of a kind territorian with the skills to put you onto good fish every time, plus has a great sense of humor and is definatley one of the mates of MFP!

My fishing place with Duane Trouchet

Colin and Karen Burdon

Everyone know Colin and Karen as the faces behind the iconic Australian brand Reidy's Lures, and they have been nothing but huge supporters of the MFP boys right from the start. Colin has now created several different branded lures for the boys, the most recnet being the 'Rach's Lure', a yellow Tiapan dedicated to the memory of the boy's sister Rachel who passed away from cancer in March 2017. Always enthusiastic, encouraging and great for a fishing yarn or ten, its always a pleasure to catch up with Colin and Karen.

My fishing place with Colin and Karen Burdon