Nomad Sportfishing - Jewell Reef

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Nomad Sportfishing - Jewell Reef

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Nomad Sportfishing is truly one of those once in a life type adventures that you have to do again and again!

The Fishing

The fishing at Jewell Reef is outstanding. There is an amazing amount of variety at Jewell. Some days we chased GT’s all day, our arms coming back stretched! The largest GT boated during the week went 57 kilos! Other days we went out chasing Black Marlin of which we tagged a couple. Then on other days we went chasing an amazing variety of reef species on the flats. A highlight was casting from a sand beach that presented itself at low tide to a channel where GT’s were cruising up and down, and to catch a 20 kilo plus GT in less than 2 meters of water in that setting was unbelievable.

The Location

You would think that the location being the middle of the Coral Sea could be a bit boring however it is actually one of the prettiest locations you will find. Once low tide hits there are mazes of coral channels and it is truly spectacular. To get here most guests fly Lizard Island and meet the mothership there.

Fishing Gear

Nomad only stock the best, as only the toughest fishing gear will even survive out here. For throwing big poppers on suicide missions amongst coral bommies you need reels that can cope with extreme drag settings and the boys on Nomad use Shimano Stella reels matched with the Shimano T-Curve GT Specials – which are super strong. Where we saw some of the more expensive rods snap under the extreme preasure these GT specials just keep going and going. The nomad has their own brand of poppers and stickbaits on board to purchase and have been built for the local conditions. However many fisherman bring their own stickbaits and poppers – just make sure they are tough! All treble hooks are removed and singles used, all with crushed barbs.

The lodging

The lodging is on the mother ship, there are births that sleeps 4 with a couple of double rooms. Two shared bathrooms and a nice dining lounge area. The mother ship is great to come back to after a hard days fishing and have some ice cold beverages on the back of the boat as the rest of the fishos come back with tails of monster fish and of course the one that got away!

The Food

What can I say – top class. The day starts off with a full cooked breakfast, and of course fresh coffee, lunch is made and packed into the boats for the day, although you do have the option of coming back to the mother ship for a break in the middle of the day should you choose. Then each night the chief prepares a beautiful three course meal.

The Price Includes

Nomad pricing includes all the accommodation on the mother ship, fully guided fishing each day with between 2-3 anglers per boat, all tackle, all meals and a great time. Extra will be the cost of flights to Lizard Island, but Nomad will organise for you. Nomad supplies the first keg of beer and then alcoholic beverages are purchased on account. Lures are additional but can be bought on board.

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Coral Sea

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