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Fishdive Fishing Charters

Type of Fish: 

Fish Dive Fishing Charters works out of Airlie Beach and has various options for the angler wishing to do some flat water fishing around the harbor of Airlie Beach. They do offer some offshore fishing however this is limited.

The Fishing
The fishing was in and around the harbor, focusing on fishing around the rock walls of the harbor. We were chasing small GT’s, Grunter, Queensfish and other tropical estuarine species. We managed a couple of nice Grunter and a small GT.

The Location
Airlie Beach is a lovely town, however nothing particularly special about the location of the fishing as it was similar to rock walls anyway.

Fishing Gear
The fishing gear supplied by FishDive fishing charters was not particularly good. The pen spinning reels sufficed on what we caught

The lodging
This was a day trip so there was no lodging included with this charter. However there is a heap of great places to stay in Airlie Beach.

The Boat
The boat comfortably fished the five of us – although a little cramped at time.

The Food
We only did a half day charter and some basic morning tea was supplied with soft drinks and water.

The Price Includes
Fishing Gear, morning/afternoon tea and bait is provided so the only thing you need to bring is good hat, sunscreen, and any alcohol. As stated above keen anglers will want to bring some of their own gear.

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Contact Details

(07) 4948 3840
0488 675 529
Airlie Beach, Whitsundays
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