Fatman Junior

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This swimbait is made for one fish in mind - the mighty Murray Cod. This lure is best fished with a slow to medium retrieve which gives it an enticing action as it moves through the water. A gentle ‘twitch’ here and there also helps by giving the lure the appearance of being a wounded fish. Once you cast, give the lure a quick small twitch to get the action started then just retrieve at your desired speed.

‘The Fatman Junior’ is an effective lure for different styles of Murray Cod fishing, whether that be in one of the many impoundments across Australia, or, in gorge country, creeks, rivers or wherever else they may be lurking. This is a floating lure but slowly sinks when fitted with the provided hooks. You can fit different hooks to the lure if you would like it to float and swim across the surface.

‘The Fatman Junior’ is the smaller of our two Murray Cod swimbaits, ‘The Fatman’ is its bigger brother! 

Size: 150mm Weight: Approx 60 grams