Big Bass Pack

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Get one whole set of Weasels and Ferrets and SAVE!

5 x Weasels (one of each colour)

4 x Ferrets (one of each colour)

‘The Weasel’ is a suspending jerkbait designed to sit right in the strike zone to trigger vicious attacks made by fish such as Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Bass and many other species. Cast this lure close to snags or structure, wind it down to the required depth then twitch the lure with a short, sharp action to make it look just like a wounded baitfish. Remember the rule is, if you’re not getting snagged now and then – you’re not close enough to the structure!

‘The Ferret’ is a slow rising, floating, shallow diving lure which dives to about .5 - 1 metre. It is designed to be very effective either casting or trolling, and is especially useful in shallower waters, or when chasing fish that look for their prey higher in the water column. When both trolling and casting, a solid twitch of the rod tip will result in the lure darting around like a baitfish, and is a very effective method of fishing. This lure is designed for a variety of species including Bass, Barra, Mangrove Jack, Whiting, Bream, Flathead and more.