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This is a big swimbait made for big fish - the mighty Murray Cod. Due to being such a massive lure, it is best fished with a medium retrieve which gives it an enticing action as it moves through water. A gentle ‘twitch here and there also helps by giving the lure the appearance of being a wounded fish. Once you cast, give the lure a quick small twitch to get the action started then just retrieve at your desired speed. ‘The Fatman’ is made mainly for impoundment Murray Cod fishing, wound down rocky banks, across the flats, past timber or other structure, or anywhere else a Murray Cod may be lurking.

This is a sinking lure, but the rate will depend on what weight you choose to fit to the underside of the chin of the lure. So, if you know the depth of water you are fishing, you can effectively ‘count down’ to the depth you wish to fish. ‘The Fatman’ is the bigger of our two Murray Cod swimbaits, ‘The Fatman Junior’ is it’s smaller brother! 

Size: 200mm Weight: Approx 160 grams.