About MFP


If you are a keen fisho, this is the place to be!

My Fishing Place is a fishing TV show with a real difference! Join brothers Dazza, Kezza and Big Red as they trip around Australia on awesome fishing adventures, and then catch all the tall stories as they meet up around the bench at Big Red's shed! The first season aired on 7mate nationally in May 2016, and season two is coming up mid 2017.

My Fishing Place TV was born out of a cracking trip to the Top End, when the boys bought along a good friend who was very handy behind the camera! On their return, they found they had some brilliant footage, and wanted to share it with everyone. As they loved just sitting down sharing fishing stories, they decided to set up a studio in Big Red's shed and combine the footage with some conversation - and My Fishing Place TV was born!


Not only is My Fishing Place a TV show, but also a community of like-minded fishos who love to swap photos of stories and their catches. The MFP website allows you to sign up, share fishing photos and albums, and like, comment and interact with other fishos.




Its no secret Dazza loves catching huge fish! Whether it's chasing huge saltwater barra or massive GT's, Dazza is up for it every time! Darren has loved fishing since he was very young - there's a picture of him with his first ever fish (a catfish) hooked using a pice of line and a stick somewhere! Bought up on a farm in his younger years, there was plenty of out doors to discover! When he's not out on the water, Darren is very busy in his corporate role looking after several companies. Darren has 5 kids, and its no surprise that a couple of them love fishing too!



Kezza loves the outdoors - there's no doubt about it! If there is ever talk about a fishing trip, he gets as excited as a Mac Tuna smashing through a ball of bait! Kerrin followed early in the footsteps of his older brother Dazza and Big Red and soon he was trekking along with them in many different fishing adventures - although the older boys didnt appreciate getting hooked by Kezzas lures hanging off the end of his rod as they marched through the jungle! Kezza also is a buy man on the other side of fishing and enjoys life with his wife and son, and dog Maxy!

Big Red

Born and raised in the bush for most of his life as a  kid, the bush is in Big Reds blood! Whether its fishing, camping, 4WDing, exploring creeks and waterholes, Big Red loves it! His first ever catch was a small perch, caught with his bare hands on the family farm in western Qld! The fishing bug had bitten and instead of catching perch with his bare hands, he enjoys lure fishing for bass, barra, murray cod and more! Big Red also works in the corporate world, and lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife and two kids, cat and chooks!

A couple of quick rules...

We all love fishing and love to tell a good tale, but as this is a PG site, please avoid posting any obscene or disturbing pictures, and pictures that show cruelty to fish or any animal for that matter. Alos, please keep comments clean. Any obscene or defamatory pictures or comments will be deleted! We are all for fun but please remember there are juniors using this site.