Scientific Name: 
Bidyanus bidyanus
Also Known As: 
Silver Perch; Black Bream; Bidyan; Bidyan Grunter; Silver Bream; Grunter; Black Grunter; Tcheri; PERCH, SILVER
Silver Perch are a common freshwater perch of Australia
How To Identify: 
Silver Perch are actually more a grunter than a true perch. The silver perch is a slim elongated fish that become deeper bodied as it gets older. They are quite a small mouth, head and eyes. Silver Perch can range in colour from a silvery light grey to almost black, their scales form a distinctive netting pattern as a result of each scale being dark lined. Silver Perch can grow to almost 8kgs however are more common up to 2kgs.
How To Catch: 
Silver Perch can be caught in much the same fashion as the other fresh water perches. They will readily take such bait as live shrimp, yabbies, grubs, insects or worms. They can be taken on bottom rigs however I have found most effective way is the bait suspended under a small float. Given the Silver perch has a smaller mouth than other freshwater perches slightly smaller hooks and bait is better. They also love lures and again the smaller ones seem to be the most successful, small rebel crawdads or smallest nilsmaster invincibles work great.
Where Found: 
Silver Perch are found throughout the Murray-Darling river system. Prefer cleaner water than say the Golden Perch, and favourite habitats are running water with more of a sandy or gravel bottom. Like other perches the silver perch has been a benefactor in the impoundment stocking program in Australia and can now be found in numbers in many of the lakes and dams.

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