Scientific Name: 
Perca fluviatilis
Also Known As: 
Redfin Perch; English Perch; English Redfin; European Perch; PERCH, REDFIN
Redfin Perch is a perch introduced into Australia by earlier settlers in 1862. Thought by some to be a nuisance fish and others a fine fighting fish, it has been blamed (along with the European Carp) for depleting some of our native species.
How To Identify: 
Redfin Perch are quite elongated for the freshwater perches. Its back is usually an olive green to brownish, occasionally with a blue tinge and its side has 5 or 6 tell tail stripes fading to an off-white belly. They have been known to grow to 10kgs however normally caught to about 2.5 kgs.
How To Catch: 
Redfin can be quite ravenous when schooling. Not particularly difficult to catch and will take most freshwater baits such as worms, shrimps, yabbies, grubs or insects. You can fish for them either on the bottom with little or no lead, or under a float. Redfin will also take lures such as small plugs, spoons or small jigs.
Where Found: 
Redfin Perch are found through out many rivers, creeks, billabongs, dams, and swamps in southern, south-western, central and western New South Wales, through most of Victoria, and in smaller areas of South Australia, Tasmania and the southern corner of Western Australia. Particularly common in the Murray-Darling system other than Queensland.

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